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Acta Pedagogia Asiana

Acta Pedagogia Asia , Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2022) – 5 articles

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Published: 28 July 2022
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Open Access Articles
Green Engineering Education in Environmental Engineering Programme through Active Learning
by Muhammad Noor Hazwan Jusoh

Acta Pedagogia Asia 2022, 1(1), pp 18-25;

Over the last few years, there has been considerable growth in incorporating sustainability and green engineering into construction industry development. The need to use resources efficiently while minimizing environmental consequences is becoming increasingly important in the industry; as a result, green engineering content is gaining traction in engineering curricula. assessment is a technique used to determine students’ understanding of what they have learned in class. The outcomes assessment results are part of a feedback loop in which academics are given information to help them improve their teaching and student learning. This paper talks about the different ways students can show what they've learned in the course Environmental Considerations in Construction. Full text

Open Access Articles
A Case of Pakistan Investigating the Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth: A Case of Pakistan
by Tariq Ahmad

Acta Pedagogia Asia 2022, 1(1), pp 1-8;

We re-evaluate empirically the relationship in inflation, and economic growth for Pakistan over the period of 1985 to 2019. Using the Autoregressive Distributive Lag (ARDL) method, this study used the Wald and F-Bound test to find out long-term relationships between these variables and investigate the effect of Inflation over Pakistan economic growth and trade. Our result indicates inflation is negatively affecting economic growth and terms of trade in long run. The results showed that a moderate level of inflation is beneficial for growth and trade while high level or double-digit figure inflation harmful for Pakistan economy. According to the results of the study, inflation is away from its equilibrium value. Error correction term ”- 0.16” reveals that 16 percent adjustment has been occurred during the year in the short run-in economic growth. This study also shows that inflation and terms of trade volatility in Pakistan has negative relation. When inflation increases terms of trade decreases and vice versa. It reveals that a low and stable rate of inflation boost the trade which leads to prosperity of the countrymen while high rate of inflation is detrimental for economic growth and trade. Full text

A Review on E-Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic Situation
by Sofia Moran-Suarez

Acta Pedagogia Asia 2022, 1(1), pp 34-45;

As a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Mexico, there has been a pressing need to rethink how pupils receive their education. Students were required to keep a social distance from their peers and families, but they also had to adapt to online study. To avoid the spread of the dangerous disease, remote learning has become the standard. Educators around the world were obliged to transition to online instruction, particularly at the university level, due to the unexpected spread. There are some pupils that are open to the idea of online education. It's true that some people have reservations about the transition from traditional to online learning. There appear to be a number of ways in which educators might contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of virtual education. The following are summaries of a number of publications discussing ways to improve online teaching and learning. In the vast majority of studies, it has been shown that adapting to remote learning was a wise decision. However, a study found that some students dislike online learning because of personal and technological concerns. The stress and worry that students experience as a result of distance learning is another concern. According to current studies, online learning may also have psychological effects in conjunction with a difficult learning process. It highlights significant academic articles, recognizes ideas, and points to areas in need of additional research. Full text

Rubric as Assessment Tool for Lecturers and Students in Higher Education Institution
by Leah Mrangu

Acta Pedagogia Asia 2022, 1(1), pp 26-33;

Rubrics in higher education have been studied in a range of disciplines and for a variety of reasons, including improving student achievement, enriching instruction, and evaluating programs. Some authors indicate good responses to the use of rubrics by teachers, whereas others have noticed instructors' reluctance to adopt them. This review aims to provide an empirical study on the utilization of rubrics as assessment tools in higher education institutions. It examines specific peer-reviewed literature on the utilization of rubrics in higher education; the utilization of rubrics in instructional and program evaluations; and the reliability, validity, and utility of rubrics. However, one study did not find a correlation between the use of rubrics and improved academic performance. It has been demonstrated that rubrics can identify the need for course and program enhancements. According to research on the validity of rubrics, clarity and appropriateness of language are of paramount importance. Rubrics can lead to a somewhat consistent assessment of student performance, according to the bulk of research on rater dependability. Suggestions for future research include the use of more rigorous research methodologies; a higher emphasis on validity and reliability; a stronger emphasis on learning; and research on the implementation of rubrics in various educational settings. Full text

Open Access Short Communication
Writing Essay as Essential Assessment in Groundwater Contamination Course
by Tony Hadibarata, Muhammad Syafrudin

Acta Pedagogia Asia 2022, 1(1), pp 9-17;

An essay was used as an assessment to illustrate a certain way of thinking and attitude of a student. The essay demonstrates the student's utmost degree as an author with a cognitive and affective style. The study aimed to provide a simple description of the essay as an assessment and critical function in the Groundwater Contamination course of the Environmental Engineering Program offered by Curtin University Malaysia. Groundwater Contamination is designed for students of environmental engineering and covers a number of topics, including groundwater characterization, contaminant transport processes in groundwater flow systems, migration and chemical development of contamination plumes, and groundwater remediation. No correlation exists between essay length (word count) and report or presentation grades, while there was a strong relationship between the student mark and essay content (R2 = 0.88), but a moderate relationship to essay format (R2 = 0.55). Overall, the students at Curtin University Malaysia were able to meet the Course Outcome of Groundwater Contamination and the Program Outcome of Environmental Engineering because of the essay they wrote as a test. Full text