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Green Intelligent Systems and Applications

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Green Intelligent Systems and Applications

Green Intelligent Systems and Applications (e-ISSN: 2809-1116) is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on theoretical and applied sciences related to all aspects of green technologies and intelligent systems published biannually online by Tecno Scientifica.

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e-ISSN: 2809-1116
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Recent Articles
The Potential of Smart Farming IoT Implementation for Coffee farming in Indonesia: A Systematic Review
by Aditya Eka Mulyono, Priska Apnitami, Insani Sekar Wangi, Khalfan Nadhief Prayoga Wicaksono, Catur Apriono

Green Intell. Syst. Appl. 2022, 2(2); - 16 August 2022

As one of Indonesia’s main export agricultural commodities, coffee farming faces many obstacles, ranging from plant pest organisms to climate and environmental problems. These problems can be solved using smart farming technology. However, smart farming technology has not been applied intensively in Indonesia. This paper aims to analyze the potential for implementing smart farming for coffee in Indonesia. This article presents a systematic review of the information about the potential application of IoT smart farming for coffee farming in Indonesia by applying the PSALSAR (Protocol, Search, Appraisal, Synthesis, Analysis, Report) review method. This study concludes the list of smart farming technologies for coffee that have the potential to be applied in Indonesia. Those technologies are classified based on their application scope: quality control (including subtopics like coffee quality control), climate monitoring, the anticipation of pest organisms, and coffee processing), coffee production planning, and coffee waste utilization. Regarding infrastructure readiness and the need for smart farming technology for coffee, the island of Java has the most potential for implementing smart farming for coffee as soon as possible. The high potential for application in Java is because the telecommunications technology infrastructure is ready, and the land area and coffee production are large. Full text