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Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution

27 July 2023

Announcement of new issue (v3i2 2023)

Dear esteemed Academicians,
We are pleased to deliver the table of contents alert for Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution. Volume 3, Issue 2 is now available on Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution
In this volume:

  1. Tang, K. H. D. (2023). Microplastics in and Near Landlocked Countries of Central and East Asia: A Review of Occurrence and Characteristics. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 120–130.
  2. Kristanti, R. A., Ningsih, F., Yati, I., Kasongo, J., Mtui, E., Rachana, K. (2023). Role of Fungi in Biodegradation of Bisphenol A: A Review. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 131–143.
  3. Okafor, U. C., Anastasia, O. N., Dike, U. N. (2023). Microbiological Quality and Physico-chemical Properties of Bore-Hole Water from Stored Water Tanks in Selected Hostels in Ifite-Awka, Nigeria. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 144–152.
  4. Safitri, V. W. M., Yuniarto, A., Purnomo, A., Marhendra, B. A. (2023). The Effect of Septage Sludge and Oxidizing Agents in the Microbial Fuel Cells Generating Electricity. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 153–167.
  5. Tang, K. H. D. (2023). A Review of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Regulatory Frameworks: Their Implications on Malaysia. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 168–183.
  6. Yahaya, T. O., Salisu, T. F. ., Yunusa, A. ., John, E. ., Yusuf, A. B. ., Abdulrazak Karabonde Umar, & Abe, O. . (2023). Assessment of Anthropogenic Impact on Ecosystem Service Safety of Agboyi River in Lagos, Southwestern, Nigeria. Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution3(2), 184–195.


Assoc Prof. Dr. Tony Hadibarata
Tropical Aquatic and Soil Pollution
Editor in Chief