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Managing Household Waste Through Transfer Learning
by Suman Kunwar

Ind. Domest. Waste Manag. 241 views
As the world continues to face the challenges of climate change, it is crucial to consider the environmental impact of the technologies we use. In this study, we investigate the performance and computational carbon emissions of various transfer learning models for garbage classification. We examine the MobileNet, ResNet50, ResNet101, and EfficientNetV2S and EfficientNetV2M models. Our findings indicate that the EfficientNetV2 family achieves the highest accuracy, recall, f1-score, and IoU values. However, the EfficientNetV2M model requires more time and produces higher carbon emissions. ResNet50 outperforms ResNet110 in terms of accuracy, recall, f1-score, and IoU, but it has a larger carbon footprint. We conclude that EfficientNetV2S is the most sustainable and accurate model with 96.41% accuracy. Our research highlights the significance of considering the ecological impact of machine learning models in garbage classification.  Full text

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